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Tour de Georgia: Biggest Loser Food-Stained Jersey for Acts of Embarrassing Spectatorism

roadskater's picture

No, it's not my award to the one who lost the most weight in the Tour de Georgia. It's for the lamest spectator or other non-cyclist in the tour. There were so many, for such a small audience.

It's amazing what fools we can turn into, all of us, when there's a national TV broadcast or even some local news crew just out for a few seconds of filler. During the NCAA men's basketball tournament, it was amazing to me how many were waving from at least half a football field away at the cams, hoping their beloved might see them...or they might see themselves later on tape or dvr. (No, not the ones trying to make the shot difficult; these are the ones waving to get attention...the ones behind the foul shooter on the other side of the arena.) The best is when the privileged are down front at a baseball game, gabbing me me me on their cel phones look at me me me...you're the one i most want to know me in all my glory!

But today I think I saw the strangest thing ever in this regard. The vid was breaking up often in the relay to the plane or whatever was going on, so the coverage often came back to the two commentators. Many days, they had a background set up, even if it was a pretty simple affair and maybe didn't look all that professional. Still, it was there. Other days, they left the background open, which was usually fine. But today, there was a sidewalk and grassy area behind the commentators, and people just couldn't help themselves.

One shy young gal in a neon shirt did a dance she learned from Britney or Paris, went over to her family it seemed, then came back for a bit more jiggling. It was innocent enough I guess, if naive. One fellow on the other end of the age spectrum set up his lawn chair and ate a sandwich, not between the 'tators but clearly visible to one side. I think these folk could see the monitors and maybe even a big screen nearby, and it was too much to miss.

But the strangest of all of the spectators was the guy in a neon jacket who stood behind and between the two talksters, took out his video camera, and started recording away, very calmly and deliberately. At first I thought he'd get about five seconds and go on. That's not so strange, I thought. Maybe he just wanted to flavor of it all for a few seconds, then to go back and watch the race in person instead of on the monitor? I figured the next shot of the 'tators would not include him. Surely someone in the crew would put up a screen or pay the guy to get out of the shot.

Well the race continued, and many minutes later, the same guy was back there videoing. But now he had his jacket off and had obviously gotten comfortable being in the shot.

I guess the guy gave up on seeing much of the race live? Maybe he realized he didn't know what was going on live and a few seconds each of the ten laps wasn't enough. But it sure was ironic to see the guy with his video cam back there viddying from behind. I wish they had just given in and interviewed the guy and asked him, "Were you videotaping the backs of our heads or just making a cam shot of the monitor to have a tape of the race?"

This is all trivial, and I don't really think the guy's a loser. I was just fascinated that this became what he found most worthy of his videoing efforts and time as the cyclists were making their last laps of downtown Atlanta. But I have to say I've been to concerts where I quickly noticed a preference to seeing the live video rather than trying to see the microdots on stage.

No, he didn't hurt anybody, and the crew could have simply put up a background if they cared enough, knowing that there would be plenty of people waving around in the background. Maybe the production crew, if there was one, gets the biggest loser jersey? And none of these people affected the race negatively in any way I know of.

So after much thought and consideration, I guess the biggest loser jerseys should go to the guys running up the mountain beside the cyclists as they "sprinted" for the finish on the steepest parts of Brasstown Bald. At one point, one runner was beside Sevilla, and I believe the runner actually impeded a cyclist behind him trying to get by. I'm not certain of this, but I know there'd be no doubt of it if everyone just stayed off the road. Imagine the basketball and football games with fans running on the court or field during the game! Ha! So yes, these runners on Brasstown, so intent on cheering "their" guy, or any guy they happened to be running beside, not looking for the "other" guys, they get my biggest loser jerseys. (I should add that I have so many food stained loser jerseys I've earned in my life that I can easily afford to give up some.)

Next time, guys, please stay off the road. Either be a spectator there, or go ride your bike somewhere else, if you can find it in the shed (where's mine, by the way?). You are not helping anyone, especially the riders. The rest of us don't think you are even a momentary hero, any more than those guys that ran the bases with Henry "Hank" Aaron when he hit 715 and he, not anyone else, deserved respect for how he handled the pressure. And video editors and set designers, please, at least on the replay, could you cut those others out of the picture?

Sounds like I'm mad. Nope. It's just sports and video cameras, and I'm glad people had fun and didn't get hurt, those that did and didn't. Funny really. The same guys yell, "Get in the hole!" Even at the tee of a par four hole. Ha!

So here's to you, run by the bikes dudes, and here's a pepperoni sauce stained jersey for your efforts. Now please get back on the couch, or better yet, get your skates and bikes and lets go do it ourselves, not just watch.

Skateylove, y'all...roadskater

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