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Top Tour to Tanglewood Teams June 26 2006

roadskater's picture

As we come close to the end of June, the Roadskater.net team is doing ok on registrations. We're a little over one fourth of our goal of 80 skaters and riders for this year, but we've slipped to just outside the top 10, at 11th.

We could use a quick boost by month's end to keep roadskaters in the top ten of the list so inline skaters will make a positive impression on the riders reading the teams list.

If anyone is planning to ride but hasn't joined yet, please sign up by June 30. Registration fees rise from $25 to $30 after that date, and you get a free water bottle if signed up before July starts.

What's most important of course, is raising funds for the cause and representing our sport at its best every time we're on the wheels.

Cyclists! If you love the roadskaters we'd love for you to join us on your bike! Last year we had 40 members, 10 of whom were cyclists. This year we want 80 members with at least 60 skaters. It will be a hard goal to double every year, but it is our intention at least to do so. We have an article out soon in a skating publication, so let's hope this will help.  

Here's a list of the teams with 20 or more participants as of June 26 2006.




2006 Team Standings

as of June 26, 2006

Denim Riders 56

Signal Zero 45

Wachovia 37

Team BB&T 36

Spinergy 34

Team Aetna 34

Forsyth Medical Center 30

RFMD Signal Strength 27

Allegacy 26

Team Erica 26

Roadskater.net 24

Team GTCC 22

Greensboro Velo Club 20

Mountain Magic 20


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