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frame placement

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K2 Radical 90 or 100 or Other Inline Skates, Plus Wheel Size and Frame Placement Tips, Blisters, Pain, Pronation, Supination

Someone on a semi-private internet email list (is there such a thing?) asked a question I thought was well-asked, and I wanted to answer it for them, and for everyone out there who might be thinking about inline skating but doesn't know what to think about all the choices.

Here are the main points of the question, or the ones I wanted to address...


Silver Hill Road
Stone Mountain, Georgia
United States
33° 49' 30.9576" N, 84° 9' 52.3944" W
Stonewall Jacson Drive Stone Mountain, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 43.5444" N, 84° 7' 56.4456" W
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