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Lance Armstrong

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Levi Leipheimer Quietly Wins Stage 2, Takes Lead of Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León 2009 Over Alberto Contador, David Zabriskie

Fast becoming a favorite for many USA fans of cycling, Levi Leipheimer showed the dignified way to the front today. Noted for his diligent work ethic and quiet but friendly manner, Levi is not the first to be talked about when the likes of Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador are around. While gifted, surely, many feel he has to work harder, so he's often considered an underdog even when he should get attention as the leader. Today was an example, and all I can do is repeat that I hope he's never even suspected of doping, because he sure is a fine example of dignity in victory for me.


Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León 2009 Stage 2 Palencia, Palencia
42° 0' 44.8488" N, 4° 31' 52.23" W
Cristo del Otero
42° 1' 42.2976" N, 4° 31' 45.7356" W
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Lance Armstrong Crashes at Castilla y León; Breaks Collarbone, Abandons, Leaves in Ambulance; Sobrino Wins Stage 1

Lance Armstrong has crashed at the Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León and retired from the race, leaving the scene by ambulance. It has been confirmed as a collarbone injury. I was unable to get video going today, so I didn't see it, but I'll post video links if I find any (not of the crash in particular). I'll update as I know more. Armstrong was there with Astana Cycling, Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer. It was the first time all three cyclists were to be racing together as a team.


Paredes de Nava
42° 9' 10.6956" N, 4° 41' 39.66" W
41° 56' 13.7976" N, 4° 14' 44.988" W
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Surprise! Lance Armstrong Drops Drug-Testing Program as Too Hard, Too Expensive

First, let me say, I want to hear from anyone who believes Lance rode clean for 7 TdF wins. I'd like to believe. I love believing. So let me know what you think if you like, even if you think I am totally wrong!

And don't get me wrong. That Livestrong thing is awesome. Now to begin...

Ahh. I get it. I have to say I was skeptical about Lance's testing program, but it appeared he had hired a reputation (I mean someone with a great reputation) who would administer the program scrupulously. Now, it turns out, maybe that was the problem? 

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Tour de Georgia 2009 Pro Cycling Race Flats Out

It looks like I'll have a bit of extra free time, sadly, and a bit less life, particularly the life of watching cycling via internet streaming video...for 2009 at least. In the year that Lance Armstrong may be coming back, it seems he won't be coming back to the Tour de Georgia because it won't be there according to the foundation that owns the tour. 


Switchbacks on NC-184 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 51.366" N, 81° 52' 17.2884" W
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Book Review: Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness

The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, by Chris Carmichael and Lance Armstrong, brought me successful results during last Summer's training. So I decided to check out a nutrition book, also written by great American cyclist and cycling coach Chris Carmichael, called Food for Fitness, which came out in 2004.

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