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Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) 100mm Inline Speed Skate Wheels: That Clicking Sound Could Be the Hubs Cracking, Breaking & Shredding

Just at the end of the Friday "Lonely Hearts Skate" at Country Park with timv the night before the Tour de Lions, I had noticed an odd clicking or rubbing sound coming from my frames, I thought. When I got home I took a quick look but that doesn't always mean much when it's me looking and I'm distracted happily.


Grays Chapel, North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 7.4388" N, 79° 41' 55.8204" W
Bont Generation 3 (Gen 3) Wheel with All Spokes of Hub Broken at the Thinnest Sculpting Point
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Inline Skate/Boot Comfort Secrets Sorely Needed: Fix Rec & Speedskate Blisters, Ankle & Foot Problems--Socks, Heat Molding, Pads

In getting ready for the 2009 skate season it's become apparent that a little extra skate comfort could go a long way.  I remember finishing the 2008 Tour de Kale and wishing I had chosen the 25K instead of 60K.  Now granted - much of the pavement was rough, hills were steep, my pre-skate and event nourishment was lacking, etc. but after finishing, my feet were angry and my skates and I were not on speaking terms for the long ride home.

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Bryan's Bont Jet Skates

Bryan's Bont Jet Skates
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inline skate wheels - decisions decisions -

The wheels on the skates wear down and down,

down and down,

down and down,

The wheels on the skates wear down and down, all through the day.


Okay, so my wheels are showing visible signs of wear and have seen numerous rotations.  It's getting close to 'bite the bullet' time and get some replacements.  Plus thanks to the nice people at roadskater.net, I was able to completely save a set of bearings that seemed lost to an unplanned rain skate.

Bont's Semi Race skates

So after a nasty spill in mid Marchl I suddenly find myself in need of new raceboots.  Once again the mounting area has been damaged beyond repair.  This being the third pair of skates in a row where either a frame or boot issue has been damaged in the back mount.

So as I perused the Skates i see a new style of boot, a 3 point mounting system.  Well thinking in mathmatical terms the amount of tourqe would be reduced to the mount by 17% by moving to a 3 point system.  "What the hell" I say to myself.

My Bont Jet Adventure (Inline Skating Speedskating Boots, Skate Brakes, Stopping, Frame Placement)

I have had my Bont Jet skates for a couple of months now. It’s time to say a few words about them...

First off, a little bit about my skating background and my goals for my new skates. I have been a recreational inline skater for ~15 years and my trusty skates for the last 12 years have been Rollerblade Spiritblades. I decided to get new skates in order to go much longer distances (thus getting more exercise!), hopefully well into 20-30 mile range several times a week.

My journey did not lead directly to the Bont Jet.

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Bont Semi-Race and Apache Speed Skates Inline Skates Rollerblades on eBay

I just saw an email search result that seems like a good starting price on eBay. Paste this next line into a search on eBay (use the eBay search box on this page any time you want to help support roadskater.net's operating costs) and even if the current item has ended they might have relisted...the title I saw was:

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More Thoughts on Inline Skating Speed Boots and Frames

Blake has posted the advice that he offered to someone who asked for help buying her first speed boots, so I guess that I could do likewise:

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Thoughts on Buying First Inline Speed Skate Boots and Frames

When I was about to be fitted for my first set of speedskates, I wondered if I would be able to skate in low-cut boots too, but I tried someone's (Dan Burger's, in fact; thanks, Dan) and it turned out to be fine. I got Verducci V-Tek boots that were "semi-custom," meaning the ankle area was custom and the front of the boots stock, or so they said. For awhile I used some Mogema R-1s but ultimately decided they were not as good as mia Verducci (for me) and I went back to the V-Teks. The Mogemas ultimately broke down at the mounting slot, which seemed a poor design to me.
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