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skrides (skateable bike rides)

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Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.07.12 12:15 am
2008.07.12 12:30 pm

Paceline Bicycles in Winston-Salem puts on a nice ride and they're definitely friendly folk. It's a bit citified at the start but quickly nice country roads. Coming back you may need your braking skills or good timing, but it's all good and not far to the shop from there.

T2T training rides welcome experienced roadskaters to join in, but if it's your first one, please talk with the MS Society staff, a Bike Response Team member (look for their jerseys!), or a Roadskater.net skater if you can before rolling out. Bikes are welcome too of course!


Paceline Bicycles (Winston-Salem)
5005 Country Club Rd
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 768-6408‎
36° 5' 6.09" N, 80° 20' 56.7672" W
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J&L Bicycle Burlington NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.07.05 8:15 am

J&L Bicycles is a new sponsor to the tour, and we're looking forward to checking out the store.



J&L Bicycles
216 E Front St
Burlington, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 436-0062‎
36° 5' 34.9908" N, 79° 26' 9.2652" W
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Cycles de Oro Greensboro NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.06.28 8:15 am
2008.06.28 12:30 pm

Cycles de Oro is a constant supporter of inline skaters being part of charity bike rides and much more, and Dale was a co-incorporator of the new NC Active Transportation Alliance, which has welcomed skaters along with walkers, runners, cyclists and others engaged in human-powered transportation. This ride starts in the north part of Greensboro, with one technical part near the start downhill to a T at Latham Park. After that, it's out of the city to the north and back in by familiar roads, then through Sunset Hills back to the shop. Always a nice time with super people.


Cycles de Oro
1410 Mill St # 100
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 274-5959‎
36° 5' 20.616" N, 79° 48' 38.196" W
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Ken's Bike Shop Winston-Salem NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.06.21 8:15 am
2008.06.21 12:30 pm

Ken's Ride has some great roads and beautiful views, plus some mild suburb traffic, and two or three technical challenges for skaters of the downhill sort. If you have a brake or nice wheel burning budget, it's a nice, hilly day out.


Ken's Bike Shop
2750 Reynolda Rd
Winston Salem, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 724-9688‎
36° 8' 30.6348" N, 80° 17' 52.5084" W
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Tour de Guilford, Bike Ride, June 14 2008, Greensboro NC, $20

2008.06.14 9:00 am
2008.06.14 1:00 pm

We're considering this one. Likely the 34. Call any time before midnight or after 7a for confirmation if it matters whether we're there. Inexpensive and likely to be a relaxed group. Starts at Country Park!

Note: it's not easy to skwalk from the road to the shelter, so skaters and those who love their cleats obsessively may want to walk over in street shoes to register before donning the gear.

Registration begins at 8a.


===== This from a note from member, John H.


Greensboro Country Park Shelter 7 Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 7' 27.6456" N, 79° 50' 10.7016" W
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2008 Tour To Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Dates

The training rides for "Tour to Tanglewood" are about to begin in a couple of weeks. These rides are all well supported, generous rest-stops, sag wagons, and of course great people. It is a good way to hone your skating or biking skills depending on your particular preference, and you are supporting a great cause and helping people who can't skate/ride like we can. 

 Below is a list of upcoming rides from the National MS Societies web site listing the events. Mark you calenders and come out and meet some wonderful people in our community.


NCC Chapter Office National MS Society
United States
36° 2' 49.3692" N, 79° 50' 25.9944" W
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Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries 2-Day Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.05.24 8:00 am
2008.05.25 2:00 pm
I wanted to see if there's any interest in sharing rides to Hartwell, GA, on the border with South Carolina, for the Hartwell Challenge of the Centuries. To quote them, it is "Open to cyclists and accomplished skaters!" I'm still not sure I can go, but if someone else is interested and we can cut the costs, it'd be fun. It's bike or skate, and it's well supported, with routes of 35, 62, and 100 each day. Skate over the Lake Hartwell dam on Sunday on all routes. It's cool.


Hartwell Middle School Hartwell, Georgia
United States
34° 21' 2.232" N, 82° 55' 16.2804" W
eebee's picture

9th Annual Tour de Lions, Gray's Chapel, NC 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate

2008.05.17 7:30 am
2008.05.17 2:00 pm

This year's wonderful Tour de Lions event has 'new' mileage options: 10, 20, 40 & 75.


You can sign up via the above webpage.

This is one of my favorite events each year, and here's my report from 2007. If we do this event, we will of course, be skating it, as the organizers and cyclists have always given us such a warm welcome in the past.


Grays Chapel United Methodist Church
5056 NC Highway 22 N
Franklinville, North Carolina
United States
35° 49' 3.1728" N, 79° 41' 52.8756" W

Rites of Spring Bike Ride Road Skate, Mar 30, 2008 Greensboro Guilford NC Northeast Park 21, 42, 61 Miles

2008.03.30 9:00 am
2008.03.30 2:00 pm

Triad (and beyond) bicyclists of all levels and styles anticipate the annual Rites of Spring Ride to get their cycling gears in motion!

The Rites of Spring event is THE place and time to meet cyclists from all around the region, share great riding on scenic and infrequently covered territory, and just have a great time.

Registration begins at 9AM; rollout for roadies and off-roadies at 10AM.

Demo bikes will be there to try out, music will be playing, and new friends are waiting to be found!


Northeast Park, Gibsonville, Guilford County, NC
4006 High Rock Rd,
Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249
United States
36° 9' 56.8944" N, 79° 37' 1.4232" W
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11th Annual Tour de Pike, Concord GA, March 15th, 2008, 8, 16, 33, 66, 100 Mile Bike Ride Skate

2008.03.15 8:30 am
2008.03.15 1:00 pm

I did this ride several years ago and haven't been able to get back that far south, but it was a good one, and it is skate friendly and run by folk who don't expect everyone to be super speedy. I remember a rest stop at a firehouse that was nothing short of amazing. The details escape me and I don't have time to look them up just now, but suffice it to say many consider this the first non-race roadskate of the season in Georgia.


"Downtown" Concord at Strickland Store Concord, Georgia 30206
United States
33° 5' 27.2184" N, 84° 26' 25.1412" W
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