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mountain biking

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Greensboro Velo Club's Fall Cyclefest Bike Ride Skate to benefit Multiple Sclerosis October 19, 2008

2008.10.19 8:30 am
2008.10.19 1:00 pm

Mileage options: 20, 40 or 60 miles. 60 milers leave at 9am (wow that sounds wonderful after a whole summer of getting up at 5.30am for training rides!), 20 & 40 milers leave at 10am. This is a cycling event but the GVC folks usually let us join in on skates! Not sure how late the course is open, but there are rest stops and a SAG, as well as 'food and drink' at the finish.


Here is the .pdf flyer:



Northeast Park
4010 High Rock Rd
Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249
United States
Phone: (336) 375-2322
36° 9' 53.7264" N, 79° 37' 1.9488" W

Rites of Spring Bike Ride Road Skate, Mar 30, 2008 Greensboro Guilford NC Northeast Park 21, 42, 61 Miles

2008.03.30 9:00 am
2008.03.30 2:00 pm

Triad (and beyond) bicyclists of all levels and styles anticipate the annual Rites of Spring Ride to get their cycling gears in motion!

The Rites of Spring event is THE place and time to meet cyclists from all around the region, share great riding on scenic and infrequently covered territory, and just have a great time.

Registration begins at 9AM; rollout for roadies and off-roadies at 10AM.

Demo bikes will be there to try out, music will be playing, and new friends are waiting to be found!


Northeast Park, Gibsonville, Guilford County, NC
4006 High Rock Rd,
Gibsonville, North Carolina 27249
United States
36° 9' 56.8944" N, 79° 37' 1.4232" W
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Basic Questions About Buying a Bicycle, New or Used, Inexpensive!

I am going to need to buy my son a bike, but don't want to get overwhelmed with facts or pricing. I can't afford $100, much less $3000 for a bike. I think he'd rather have a mountain bike than a racing bike, although the reason for me buying it for him would be so he could cycle whilst I skate. I'm not opposed to him owning 2 styles for different purposes, however. I'll find a place to cram 'em into my living space, if necessary.

What are some obvious pros and cons about buying a cheapie from WalMart vs. a nicer, 2nd hand one?

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Milford MI 30K Labor Day Festival of Races Stampede: 10-Mile & 50-Mile Inline Skate & More

2007.09.01 7:30 am
2007.09.01 2:00 pm

Milford's Labor Day 30 K Festival of Races Stampede from the Milford Times, who deserves credit for any lack of specificity here:

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NC State Games at Greensboro Country Park June 23-24

We saw more guys out today in skinsuits and on bikes than usual, and I wondered what was up. The funny thing was there were road and mtb types, and some of them seemed to be checking out particular parts of the course with special attention. I forgot all of this until I started looking at ride calendars for the weekend, and in addition to Blood, Sweat and Gears (50 mile/100 mile) in the mountains, I found out that the State Games of NC take place in Greensboro Country Park this weekend.

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Floyd Landis Makes 48 Mountain Bikers Happy

 While waiting for news of his fate, after a very strange hearing including threats, firings, secrets unveiled, and lots more mental gymnastics, Floyd Landis made his way back on the bike in Vail, Colorado for a mountain bike race. He made 48 people very happy by placing 49th. Imagine finishing ahead of the "then current" Tour de France champion in any kind of bike race!

Helmet Lights for Inline Skating (Rollerblading) Cycling (Bicycling, Biking)

Below is a series of emails about various helmet lights, in reverse order of posting date:

Huston: Bob's inquiry & my recent ventures in solo nightskating re-stimulated my search for lighting. Here's what I found:

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Does being a Brave Soldier help road rash?

I was browsing a list of products on the Bike Nashbar website and something called "Brave Soldier First Defense" caught my eye. Blurb says that it was "originally designed to treat road rash at bikes races," and that it "cleanses and removes debris with a powerful, yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn’t sting."

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Tribble Mill Park, Grayson, GA

Any skaters who find themselves amongst the lonely mansions and shiny metal boxes of Gwinnett County, GA, might want to check out Tribble Mill Park as a little piece of heaven plus hills.


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