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Speed Map: Paceline Bicycles Greensboro 2008 Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate (Heart Rate, Elevation)

roadskater's picture

Today's skate and ride was moderately hot and covered some familiar territory, if in a different way.

I made the usual speed map, but also an altitude map and a heart rate map, the latter for your fun and amusement. I hit 179 at one point, but wasn't interested in staying there.

I neglected to start my Garmin Forerunner 305 so the start is not included, but we started where we finished, as you might expect.

The skaters stayed together until the courses split, kind of early, on Air Harbor Road. The shorter route had a rest stop at around seven miles, but because of what I'd consider poor route design, the longer course only went by the rest stop once.

In my opinion, the longer route should have taken a left onto Archergate as well, then done the loop clockwise (looking from above) to come back by that stop again on the way back in. This would have provided earlier access to the rest stop, a bit more distance overall, and another visit to the rest stop on the way in. 17 miles is a long way for people of beginner to intermediate skill or speed, and maybe for all on a hot day. This would be an easy fix.

The only other thought is that NC150 is a bit busy to use for much distance...but I don't know how others feel about that.

Regardless, I appreciate Paceline Bicycles for hosting us, and they certainly were very hospitable. The rest stop at the shop was fully stocked with a few extra treats as well.

Thanks to the tour staff as ever. A few of us had some great food at India Palace on Tate Street.

Here are links to the maps:



United States
36° 6' 47.034" N, 79° 50' 0.3912" W


timv's picture

About Paceline

I was somewhat uncomfortable on NC150 also. It honestly wasn't nearly as bad yesterady as I've seen it, but in general it's too busy and too fast to be out skating on. Yesterday, I thought the stretch of Lake Brandt Rd between Plainfield and the dam was worse regarding traffic and closing speeds. I was reminded of what you said once about auto traffic being the most impatient when it's making the transition from country road to city road, resenting having to slow down anyway but blaming us for it because we're there. Seeing the orange segment on the map reminded me of how rotten the pavement is on Clayton Rd. Thankfully is was only about a half a mile. Regarding the rest stop, if I'd recognized the route layout from the cue sheet, I might have suggested turning left to follow the 18-mile route and going less than a mile down Archergate to the rest stop. Then we could have doubled back to rejoin the 28-mile course, essentially doing the loop counter-clockwise just like the cyclists who wanted extra distance did it. Some of them would probably have already been going through there by the time we started back and we could have handled the extra mile or two no problem. All in all it was good morning's skate, despite my being a little grouchy and touchy at times. Sorry I couldn't join y'all for lunch, but I'd already made another commitment.

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