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Skweight Management - update

eebee's picture

I need to put my 'weight-monitoring through skating' program on hold for now, because I have been suffering from a stomach ailment for a month and it shows no signs of letting up. Any weight change, especially loss, at this time is NOT going to represent weight loss from skating. I could post dramatic weight-losses and claim it's because of skating a little each day but that would be a complete lie.


When I'm back to normal I will resume my program, such as it was.






roadskater's picture

Skating Calorie Burning on Silver Comet Trail

OK I'm too ashamed so far to tell any of my numbers for weight, heart rate, speed, distance or much else, but I can say we may have gained water weight from skaterade(TM) but we definitely burned some calories last weekend on the Silver Comet Trail northwest of ATL. We skated about 42 miles, taking lots of breaks, starting in mid-to-upper 90s at 4 PM.


What a great trail it is, even out past mile 13 when it turns to textured concrete. The scenery also is very nice out that far, despite development. We skated to the corten steel bridge in Dallas, GA, then to the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce, and up the SCT spur to the right, to the traffic light, and around to the right and up to a convenience store for goodies.


Look for old photos from previous excursions on rsn classic http://roadskater.net/index.htm.


This thread refers to earlier threads by Elizabeth:




These inspired a related skating weight management article by Mark, I believe:



I may make a book of these, but am not sure yet.


I found these articles using the search box at the upper right. remember to click the search button to activate the search (or tab space should do it; tab to move the "focus" dashed line to the search button, then space to do a "click on item with focus").


While the tag clouds are not working as I would like, it's a good strategy to look at the clouds then just search for that term, I think. Still working on the multiple duplicates from cloud clicks. Arrrgh!


Skateylove, Blake

skatey-mark's picture

More weight loss stuff...

Speaking of skaterade...  I just wanted to recommend a calorie-free source of electrolytes:  http://www.eletewater.com/

I've been using that since last year and have been very happy with it.  Of course, you most likely need to consume some calories while skating, especially for any kind of distance.  The big advantage of the Elete stuff for me is that I don't need to wash my Camelbak very often...  :)  If I use gatorade, my Camelbak starts to resemble a science experiment a couple days after the skate!

- SM -

eebee's picture

Question about Elete Water



I'm gonna try Elete. Are you saying that this is all you drink on a long skate in hot weather? You think it does you just as well, if not better, than Gatorade or any other drink combination you've tried? Are you gonna keep using it or are you already looking for something better?


From what I gather off their website, it's salty-flavored, but other than that there is no flavor.


I got a little scared off by ElectroMix, which used to make my tastebuds wince and stomach scream if I drank it while skating. I realise now that Elete is all the good stuff minus the calories, flavorings and additives. Worth a try!

skatey-mark's picture

I highly recommend Elete Water

As far as electrolytes go, I am quite happy with Elete Water.  It's all I use on any skate, except for a couple times that I stopped in to a gas station and grabbed a Gatorade...  In those cases, I needed calories more than electrolytes at that point though...


As far as the taste, I wouldn't say "salty"...  More like "mineral-ly"...  Kinda like well water, depending on what strength you mix it at.  I found that at the recommended strength, that the taste was a bit too much, althoughI'm sure I would have gotten used to it over time.  I have found that about 75% of the recommended amount works well for me.  At that strrength, I can't notice the taste at all, and I'm getting pretty much all the electrolyte benefit.


Prior to using Elete Water, I just drank plain old water...  So I've never really tried a sports drink, and I know some people swear by them.  This happens to work well for me, and has the added benefit that if I don't clean my Camelbak afterward, it doesn't turn into a science experiment.


I've got plenty of the stuff, including some little single-serving packs that anyone is welcome to try before placing an order, if they want...


The other reason I was attracted to Elete Water was the fact that there were no calories in it.  Since I was dieting, I wanted an electrolyte source without calories so I could more closely keep track of what I was consuming.  (Gu gels at 100 calories each are pretty easy to count.)  Now for a long skate you obviously need to be consuming calories too, so if you're not drinking a sports drink you may find that you need to eat a little bit more than what you're used to.  I really don't know, since I've always just used water, but that would be my guess...


I think if your stomach and tastebuds can handle it, Gatorade or another sports drink is more efficient in that you get your calories and electrolytes at the same time.  And someday when my weighthas been stable for a while and it's early in the season I may experiment with using sports drinks instead of plain (or Elete) water.  But Elete has served me well for thepast 2 seasons, and I'll definitely stick with it through theraces this fall...


- SM - 

eebee's picture

More on Elete Water

I can't do Gatorade any more, for health reasons. Sounds like Elete, plus carefully selected carbs are going to have to be my plan from now on. My system can't handle Gatorade any more, which is unfortunate because I just bought 2 cannisters of the stuff!


I emailed the co that makes Elete and was sent a response with a list of retailers in GA, SC and NC. Of the 3 I have contacted here in north GA so far, only one of them knew what it was and if he had it in stock ("Do we have what, now?"). :-)


I'm going to need something electrolytey with no flavorings for any long skates I do in hot weather this weekend. Bonking is no fun. So I'm searching for any up & down the I-85 corridor! Interestingly, most of the bike shops mentioned are located in the GA Piedmont or North GA Mountains!

skatey-mark's picture

Buying Elete online

This won't do you much good for this weekend, but you can buy it online also -- that's how I got mine...




I bought:

  • (1) Pocket Bottle
  • (1) 16oz refill bottle (although I probably would have bought the quart bottle if they had it at the time... but that 16oz bottle is lasting a long time, so probably it's enough for a couple seasons at least...)
  • (several) rip-packs for 70-100oz... I figured others might want to try it, so got these "single serving" packs...

I see there is a "special" on the site now: http://www.eletewater.com/elete_info_special.html


If that had been available, I probably would have gotten that instead -- looks like a good deal, especially if you have someone to split it with.


Basically, I keep the "pocket bottle" in my camelbak and use that to mix in with the water. When it gets low, I refill it from the 16ox bottle... Pretty easy.


One thing to be careful about, though... I sometimes keep a bottle of bearing lube in my camelbak also. Well, it has a very similar shape to the Elete pocket bottle and one early morning I accidentally mixed in bearing lube with my water instead of Elete! :) Fortunately, I caught the mistake as I was putting the bottle away, rinsed out the Camelbak, and tried again...


I'm not sure if I'll be at the training ride this weekend or not... (Looking less likely since it's such a long drive -- furthest of all the training rides...) But if I do make it, I'll be sure to bring some extra Elete for ya... :)


- SM -


skart's picture

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with a little lube :-) Makes your technique more fluid I guess :-)

 I have not been doing any electrolytes at all this season. I also do not do gatorade. I usually use plain water in my camelbak (I get tired of gatorade really fast) and I do eat gels (GU, Cliff Shots, Cliff Shot Bloks, JellyBelly Sport Beans)... I do believe that gels provide some ammount of electrolytes that can last me for about 4-6 hours on skates.

 However, what's interesting, I have started noticing that recently I have started craving salt. I usually eat fairly unsalty food (I like it spicy but not necessarily salty) but recently I had to add extra salt to almost every meal because otherwise I felt like I couldn't eat it... Interesting :-)

 Another question. Did anybody try flat Coke or Pepsi as an energy drink in their camelbaks? I can just see deluted Coke and Elite water making a pretty good combination.

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