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Postpartum Skateum: Exercise Advice for New Moms

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I am not pregnant, nor have I been, nor do I expect to be, but I found this information interesting. OK I feel pregnant after the winter! I don't know if this info is all accurate but I think it is a nice start at thinking about getting some exercise. The article contains more, but here's the part that mentions skating:

Baby jogger: Knowing that running is such a great fat burner, I was very eager to restart my running program. Based on literature I'd read, I waited until eight weeks after delivery.

It's always important to ease into a running program, but it's especially crucial postpartum, as your joints still don't have the strength they had pre-pregnancy. I started with one minute running, four minutes walking and progressed each week by adding one minute to my run time and subtracting one minute from my walk time until my body felt comfortable with nonstop running. I also use our baby jogger for inline skating, which is a great workout for my hips -- a problem area for many new moms.

Northinsouth and I have been out at Country Park with baby in the stroller wearing a helmet too. She seems to love it for 1 to 4 laps. And yes, northinsouth kicks my butt skating even pushing another human! But it's OK. We do what we can with what we have, physically, mentally (which is physically) and everything else (which is all physically I guess, one way or another, internally or externally. I guess it comes down to subatomic particles. Wow did I mean to get into ontology here?).

Wellness/Postpartum fitness: Week Two
OregonLive.com, OR - 20 minutes ago
I also use our baby jogger for inline skating, which is a great workout for my hips -- a problem area for many new moms. Backpack: As your baby grows, ...

[Inline Skating]


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Skating + Jogging Stroller = Controversy!

Some people think that pushing jogging strollers whilst inline skating is an irresponsible and dangerous thing to do. I'm not even going to get into the US Constitution here, or my rights to 'sit beside my baby in my jogging stroller with a shotgun if I wanted to'. However, I've had the chance to push somebody else's baby in a jogging stroller whilst skating, and decided pretty quickly that I wanted no part in causing her untimely demise, after a near-disaster involving a sharp turn and a body of water! Having said that, I'd probably still push my own child in a jogging stroller whilst skating if it were the only way I'd get to skate.


Some advice: Get a stroller with a brake. Use skates with a brake. Be able to use those brakes. Make the baby wear a helmet without fail. Better still, just leave the baby at home or on the park bench with a baby sitter.


My advice for new Moms, who aren't already inline-skaters: Take up inline skating! Check back here for beginner's advice and sample training schedules, plus info about 'races', skate tours and events you can take part in throughout the year, to give your skating a schedule and a goal. It'll be the best gift you ever gave yourself. Let's face it, jogging and running just plain hurt after a certain age. Replace it with hundreds of miles of skating. Believe me, you'll be able to eat like a horse and not put on a pound, plus your kids'll be in awe.

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Yes to Caution with Strollers and Skates

Yes, eebee, you're right to point out the dangers for other than very good skaters who also have had experience with running strollers. While northinsouth is and excellent skater with a lifetime of experience on ice and pavement, others with less experience should take it easy.

  • If not willing to wear a helmet and have baby do so as well, this is probably a bad idea;
  • If you haven't gained experience running with an exercise stroller, skating with a stroller is probably a bad idea;
  • Yes you'd want a stroller with a brake and excellent skate braking skills; and
  • Start slowly and build slowly.

Northinsouth always wears a helmet as eebee and I do, and baby also does baby at all times. Still I don't have the skill for a lap at Country Park with the stroller, even though I did go back and forth slowly on the flats while northinsouth was doing a lap. I definitely want to stress the need for caution, and not just for the children...I worry just as much or more about adults out exercising, especially when making kids wear helmets but not wearing them themselves.

I think kids are less likely to be injured than adults, but it's just easier to make laws that make kids do things. Yes I think kids should wear helmets. My point is I think adults should too. Whether that needs to be by law, I don't know!

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