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Post A2A 2006 All Safe Plus Photo Links

roadskater's picture

OK we are all safe I think, all of us Roadskater.net folk, and others we know. Nobody has posted here probably because we're all catching up on rest, reading other people's posts, or editing photos we took. Roadskater.net picked up some great publicity I think due to the fact that Erica listed us as her team. Whether or not this ever happens again, it was a joy to see a Tour to Tanglewood veteran take the big prize, or at least to hear of it. There are many stories to tell, and though I had my worst time ever it was one of the best times doing it. I can't recall an A2A I didn't love.

Katherine called and sounded like herself again, after fading away a bit post-finish as we all sat or stood on the grassy knoll and realized it was over for another year, preparing for post partum depression and SAD. I'll let her tell her story as she's able and ready, or I'll go ahead and ruin it later. One of those.

I just wanted to start a photos links thread, so here goes...

Katherine and Vivian from the T2T team with follow Detroit femmes, Shawna and Vicki. Katherine is looking smart in her 2005 T2T jersey. Vivian had her 2006 T2T jersey on the Atlanta Friday Night Skate and that was fun to see!


Vivian wears the 2006 here and Mike has the Sunlight on Leaves edition of the Roadskater.net jersey visible as well:


Some of us in Sunlight on Leaves and Sky through Periwinkle Cloud here:


If you see more team photos or ones you especially like, please share!




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A2A 2006 Photos: Life at the Front!

Thanks to Emerald Coast Speed for putting up these fabulous photos of life at the front (fast people). Good pics that capture the excitement and day break at the start line.



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