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Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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24-Hour Inline Montreal Race Report

Wow... What do you say after skating for 24 hours? Well, first off I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to our AWESOME support team! Andrea, Maria, Renee, and Dawn -- YOU ROCK! In fact, we need to create a whole new verb that adequately describes how much you rock. And another BIG THANKS to Brian Shicoff for organizing everything, and to Lawrence for really making me earn that silver medal, and to Bryan McKenney for rounding out our team of Americans determined to fulfill Brian's dream of sweeping the podium... (lol)

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Skatey-Mark Takes Second in Montreal 24-Hour Skate Race

The word from Dave W last night on the phone was that Mark placed second overall in the Solo division of the 24-Hour skate race in Montréal QC at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Way to go Mark! I can't wait to hear how many miles he logged! Congratulations to the other participants, especially Brian S. Please let us know your stats and experiences, guys!

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24-hour Montreal race -- taking insanity to a whole new level!

Okay...  everyone knows I'm a distance junkie, and just a glutton for punishment in general...  Last year I did my first 100-mile skate and had intended to challenge myself by skating 100 miles on back-to-back days.  My "double century weekend" never happened unfortunately, but I have been pondering my next challenge for some time now.

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Saskatoon athlete breaks world record

I don't know much about world record solo attempts, but I saw this story in the sidebar and thought it might spark some discussion at some point among those who have been to the F1 track in Montreal, especially to skate. As I recall from reports, during the 24 hour skate race there, participants had to watch for hedgehogs crossing or some such! Regardless, I don't know if this is an age group or gender or human speed record, as the article leaves a bit to the imagination. Perhaps we'll find more later. Enjoy...Blake

Saskatoon athlete breaks world record 
StarPhoenix, Canada - 2 hours ago
...five-kilometre Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, the site of the annual Canadian Grand Prix F-1 race, Buisson broke the world record for inline skating in a ...

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