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Human-Powered Circumnavigation by Pedalboat, Bike & Inline Skates (Rollerblades)

I'm so glad someone is living some of our dreams for us as we live some of theirs for them!

Jason Lewis is a British trekster (supertrekker some say) who has spent part (all?) of the last 13 years circling the earth by pedalboat, bike and inline skates, often joined by a friend on his journey. It seems the goal is to use neither wind nor motors in his quest.

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Heelys, Childhood Obesity, Adult Prosperity, Botox, GB The Queen

With a couple of Roadskater.net team members hailing from the British Isles, we must keep up, we must, especially when the headlines are so dog-gone fun! At first it was an article on how Heelys (skate shoes) could be the answer to childhood obesity (question mark for safety).

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Research suggesting that cycling with a helmet in the UK is more dangerous than without

I stumbled on this article today.  Obviously, there are many issues around this.  But someone actually got on the road with a bike and some sensors and recorded how much room motorists gave him when he had a helmet and without.  (Also if he wore a wig to look like a female cyclist.)  The result:  cars gave more room when passing if he did not have a helmet on, suggesting that a cyclist would be more likely to get in an accident.  (Although the helmet would offer more protection, obviously.)  Anyway - it was a somewhat interesting read...

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