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How to Make Your Text Look Sweet

roadskater's picture

I hope you like the text editing features here. Here are some tips on using the text editor:

  • First off, the previews of articles (summaries) compress paragraphs, so to make things prettier, just put a space after the last character of each paragraph. It's not a bad habit to have anyway for editing paragraphs later (in any text editor).
  • To avoid losing your work, a notice will come up if you try to leave the page without clicking Submit: "Are you sure you want to navigate away from the page?" Click CANCEL if you want to KEEP your text, then click the Preview or Submit Buttons as appropriate.
  • It's a good idea to click the Preview button now and then, just to add one extra element of safety for your text that hasn't been saved.
  • I clicked on the icon with three dots stacked on each other to make this list.

Two Returns (Enter key) will break you out of list mode.

Here are some more tips, which may not work for everyone, in a numbered list:

  1. Clicking on the icon with 1, 2, 3 & 4 stacked turns the bullets to numbers.
  2. Ctrl-A selects all, and Ctrl-X (like scissors), Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (shaped like a jar or vessel for paste) are cut, copy and paste, respectively.
  3. Holding Shift while you Ctrl-Right or Ctrl-Left hightights by word, and without Shift, cursors by word. Holding Shift extends the selection with any cursor move, as expected.
  4. Ctrl-Z is undo; Ctrl-Y is redo (undo the undo).
  5. Ctrl-B is bold on and off to boldly go split infinitive infinitely.
  6. Ctrl-I is italic.
  7. Ctrl-U is underline, but for now I have that to strip out so it doesn't look like a link. 
  8. I don't know a shortcut for strike through, but it's available too.
  9. That funny omega symbol that looks like headphones is a pop up for special characters, like section 1, paragraph 23 can be writ as §1:¶23 or some such fancy lawyer talk. Remember you may have to hold Ctrl as you click or disable your popup blocker for roadskater.net to see the special characters.
  10. The spelling checker plugin for Internet Explorer is great, but you have to download and install it on your machine for it to work. It's pretty easy to install. Just click on the spellcheck icon and proceed from there.
  11. There's an icon for the date: 2006-05-05 and time: 02:53:49. 
  12. Superscript1 or subscript2 work great.

OK, that's a start. I hope you enjoy writing!


Search Ebay for Skates and More
Search Ebay for Inline Skates
Search Ebay for Skate Wheels
Search Ebay for 100mm Skate Wheels