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How to Join Roadskater.net Free...and Why...Skaters, Cyclists (or Not), Everyone Everywhere Welcome

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I hate sites that make me sign up to read or post! Of course I've noticed that sites which don't require signups often have tons of repetitive tacky junk posts for items I'm not so interested in seeing here. My experience with the InlineNC yahoo email group showed me that a completely open site is less useful than one with some basic moderation of new users.

You're welcome here, and welcome to read all of the content we have available here without ever signing up.

  • With some improved filtering, we're also in beta with allowing visitors to comment and vote in polls. The success of this will depend on how many relevant comments we get vs. how many annoyingly repetitive and tasteless ads I have to delete. Hopefully, visitors and members will never have to see this junk, but that means that anonymous comments will not show up instantly.
  • Membership is also not instant, as I look at every signup and check for a human before approving members. Sorry, but I hope you like the results. Please understand, we want you here if you are interested in skating, cycling, exercise, fitness, health, charity, how-to and much more.

On the left side of the screen, near the navigation menu, you'll see a "User Login" section and you want to click on the link that says "Create new account." This takes you to the signup screen.

Choose a user name (please be tasteful if you can, and please don't use a company or product name unless you're a sponsor).

Include your email address so we can contact you about your account to send you a password. We'll do all we can to protect your email address and we won't sell it or share it without your approval.

Next you'll see some scrambled text in a scrawly box. Enter the text in the box below the image, then click "Create new account."

Soon you'll get an email, and after we approve your account (we may even check with you by email and ask a silly question...all of this so we can keep out robots as much as we can), you'll be able to use the password we send to get into roadskater.net.

I wish I didn't have to do any of this, but based on what happened with InlineNC, it's better to start with some basic human interaction and verification.

As Skateylove Points total grows, you'll gain more and more access automatically, but if you have a special interest, just send feedback and let me know what you'd like to do.

Thanks for your interest and for participating in our community

Skateylove, Blake

Search Ebay for Skates and More
Search Ebay for Inline Skates
Search Ebay for Skate Wheels
Search Ebay for 100mm Skate Wheels