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How to Fix Ctrl+T in Mozilla Firefox when New Tabs don't Work

eebee's picture

All of a sudden I couldn't get Firefox to open any new tabs either with control T or going File --> New Tab, no matter how many times I hammered the T key :-)

Being frugal, I like to open a bunch of tabs rather than opening new windows. Firefox tends not to crash much (fingers crossed!), so I don't mind having all my eggs in that basket.

I did a quick search: firefox tab ctrl+T doesn't-work, and landed on support.mozilla.com where somebody explained that in addition to removing the whack-a-mole AVG Toolbar through View --> Toolbars --> AVG Toolbar, I also needed to remove it via Tools --> Add ons --> AVG, to resolve the new tab problem. 

It worked. I know it's not rocket science, but here's another comment about it to perhaps make the solution easier to find. 


timv's picture

Pretty serious oversight there

I wouldn't even call that a bug! It's hard to imagine how that could ever get released as a Firefox Add-on with such a crippling dys-feature. I don't use AVG--since I run Ubuntu Linux--but I'm very glad that you posted that.
roadskater's picture

AVG has been good but just got a bit more intrusive

Yep, good catch, eebee, and thanks for your first technoskater post! From the looks of popular pages here, some of the tech posts get lots of reads, and if they help just a few people, even one, that's enough for me. The AVG toolbar has one or two nice features but the rest are pretty common and really more about making money off of search I suspect (though I don't know it). They have an anti-phishing, anti-spam site feature that puts checks or exxes (a word we need methinks) on a Google search pages to let you know about dangerous sites. I've found it useful enough I guess, wondering if it slows page creation, though. Anyway, if you use NoScript you probably don't need that. On this subject of browsers, I've been surprised to actually like the Internet Explorer 8.0.6... that I put on there so I could enjoy a particular plug-in to watch South African sports stations by way of a Chinese site. In the meantime I've found it nice and pretty fast. They've improved the search feature (though it's still not as great as the start typing and it searches for it option in Firefox). The IE search now highlights places on the page meeting the search parameters typed thus far, but it still takes a Ctrl-F to get started methinks. Still, it's an improvement and I think it may be more CSS-compatible (not sure). I have notice one odd thing....if I open several windows some won't load...say the third or fourth...but if I Ctrl-N to open more windows they seem to load OK. I bet this will be figured out soon enough. And boy howdy after watching the USA play Italy in the Confederations Cup I thought it would be a sad tourney. They were lackluster and seemed disinterested. But when they played Egypt against the odds needing a 3 goal win and help from Brazil against Italy, it got inspiring. Then I watched USA vs. Spain and was screaming with joy as I cooked homemade chili while viewing the game on the laptop (thinking just watching the game might be a waste of time). Wow, USA took it to them. As one guy said on the telephone in South Africa, "Five shots on goal for Spain, and two by USA, but the two went in!" Winning by two goals made it all the better, stifling any whining that might happen. Spain would be the better team almost every day, but not that one! We'll probably be skating tomorrow when the USA vs. Brazil game happens, but will look forward to seeing a long 30-minute highlight show or a replay via p2p internet video.

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