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Hello roadrash, my old friend.

Bryan's picture

It had been a couple years since I had an outbreak of roadrash. Apparently I had forgotten just how much fun it is. Makes me feel young again. Yet, at the same time, old.


I also learned that if you don’t have any medical/bandage tape on hand, blue painter’s tape works surprisingly well. Holds just well enough to get through the night, yet doesn’t serve as a depilatory the next morning.


roadskater's picture

Ouch! Good Tip. Share Some Gory Details!?

Bryan! Hey amigo that is some bad news. I understand the young/old of it. Roadskating (or rink skating, even) is a thing many adults fear, but children still understand. On the other hand, or maybe the same hand, body slam grip'n'roll or butt eraser moves have been the reason many have gone to the dark side (become cyclists). Of course, we're not sure that cyclists have it better off if they actually crash. 

But all this is dancing rings round it logically. 

How're ye doing and how bad is it? I know last year about this time (the time of the friendly dog) I had a shoulder roll and eebee had a butt eraser. At first I looked better off, but after the right hydrocolloidal bandages for a few days, she was actually better off sooner. 

Blue painter's tape is a good tip. I should have used that perhaps to pretect my poor car's finish from road paint while stenciling the Carolina Century route. The awesome clear shipping tape I used we so hard to get back off I fear some of it, or at least the gummy glue, might yet be on there! 

Well from the tone of it, this seems like NOT a career-ending injury. So we'll expect to hear more of your exploits. I assume no A2A but believe you were shooting for CC on Oct 20?

Bryan's picture

As roadrash goes it's not too

As roadrash goes it's not too bad. It was a hell of a hit, though. Essentially I sat down in the bike lane at 19.7mph. I think the bruise on my ass is skate shaped and I have a fair amount of difficulty lifting my leg more than a foot off the ground.


It was a real shame, as I was having an excellent skate. I was doing my Carrboro loop and really looking forward to a third lap. I still managed to ride nearly twenty miles last night, so I guess I'm not entirely crippled.

eebee's picture

Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads

My sympathies for your recent skin loss, Bryan. Glad it was 'just' skin, though. I really can't drone on enough about the miraculous Johnson & Johnson hydrocolloid Tough Pads. Yes, at something like $7 for a box of 4 little 3" x 2" ish patches, healing quickly with less pain gets expensive. But as Roadskater explained above, my 4" x 6" absence of butt skin last year had completely healed over within 4 or 5 days. Certainly by day 3, I had no more open-wound pain and could sit down like a normal person again. 

Also indispensable on top of the hydrocolloid patches to keep ooze at socially-acceptable levels in the workplace: CVS brand Premium Adhesive Gauze Pad, in Gigantic size to cover my poor arse. Big thanks to skater Jonathan from SC a few years ago for introducing my knee roadrash to this extra layer of stay-putness for the hydrocolloid-exudate entities. Very handy for scrapes on joints, and for stopping fluids from shooting across the room when you bend your elbow. But yes, it will rip your hair out when you remove it. Small price to pay for public decency. 

In any case, even if you have the luxury of healing in the privacy of your own home for a few days, I'd encourage you to shell out for the Tough Pads if at all possible, if only so you don't stick to the furniture. 

I hope it all heals up soon!

Bryan's picture

I'd never tried one of those

I'd never tried one of those dermal patch kits before. I grabbed some 4x6 patches at a drug store the next day and put a couple on. The results were less than satisfactory, but I'll give 'em another shot. Fortunately I don't do the office thing, so I can leave it free-range most of the time and wear sweatpants to bed to keep it clean.

I'll check into the ToughPads, though. If my long-term averages hold it should be a year or two before I deal with this again, but now that I've said that out loud...

eebee's picture

Depends if scars are cool or unsightly

In my experience when I let some roadrash 'air dry' the good old-fashioned way, it healed ugly! That is, it left a horrible scar about the same size as the initial wound. I wish I had slapped some hydrocolloid patches on there, so at least it would've shrunk a bit, and the scar would've been smaller. 

Additionally, if it's on a joint (elbow, knee), it's far less agony to keep the wound moist the whole time until the new skin takes over. A deep, crusty scab is no picnic when it cracks as you bend your knee. Bleurgh!

I do know what you mean about not wanting to spend that money on a pack of supplies you might not need for another year or so. 

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