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Athens To Atlanta

Please register now for A2A at the official site! http://a2a.net/?rsn2

Hi and welcome! AthensToAtlanta.com is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might want to try, the grandaddy open road ultramarathon skate in the USA, the 87-mile Athens to Atlanta roadskate. It's not a substitute for the a2a.net site, but a companion guide!

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Good luck A2A 2009 skaters!

Skate safe and strong!  Wishing you all a fun, fast time!

A2A 2008-52 miles

the basics:
4th place OA
2nd place in AG
time of 3:35 @ 14.9 MPH

So let's rewind to last year.

I dragged in second place overall AND the 3rd place OA is a good friend of mine that i know i can beat any given day. so last year i decided i was racing the 52 mile option (out of a choice of 38, 52, 87).

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A2A 2007 - My Toes are Still Bruised

Deciding to do A2A was a very last minute decision. I kept hitting the website, read numerous stories and had a lot of friends tell me how hard it was! The more everyone told me how difficult it was, the more I wanted to do it.


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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2007 Inline Skate Report (Sunday)

Oh. Buzz buzz buzz buzz, 4:30 a.m. came so quickly after taking so long to arrive.

We got our jolt of hot water and I pondered whether to do some coffee or not. I think I decided not to, and that it would perhaps upset my stomach.

Grandfather & Grandson Inline Skate 87 Miles Together at Athens to Atlanta A2A 2007

[Editor's note: I posted this for Jim after he sent the info at my request. I wanted this story to be in the 2007 A2A Journals collection we are building!]

After the Athens to Atlanta skate this year, the Herbsts, a couple who skated the 52 mile distance wanted to know more about the granddad-grandson team who skated the full 87 mile distance.  Here's what I wrote.  My wife and daughter-in-law took pictures at the rest stops and at the finish.   I've included those also.

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2007 A2A Journals

This book is for adding your story to this 2007 chapter of the Athens to Atlanta History Project. Add it yourself using the Outline tab while editing to select "2007 A2A Journals" as the parent of your article, or don't worry about it and I'll gather it all up later. If your story is for another year which does not exist yet in our book, please contact me or leave it be and I will add a chapter for that year. Please add your stories from previous years as well. Skateylove and thanks. We hope you enjoy our Athens to Atlanta Roadskate stories!
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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2007 Inline Skate Report (Saturday)

Saturday broke late and fuzzy, thank goodness, and it was likely eleven a.m. before verticalizing. I went to the computer for some reason and eebee helped a great deal with finding a place to get the window fixed. We decided we'd be too nervous to leave the car unrepaired at the hotel and in the city garage, as we'd need to leave some little something most likely no matter how we tried to plan.

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2006 Photos

Hey everyone. My photos are up. I may put some comments here later. As usual there are few photos from the last half where it is more hilly more consistently and where it is not, it is more urban and congested. Of course if I want great photographs I'll probably have to not skate, and if i want to skate great, I'll probably have to not take my camera and batteries along to distract me! In any case, here are the photos and I hope you find some you love. Maybe soon we'll have photos integrated into the site, but I didn't want to hold up the photos for that. Here they are:

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Route Video

I have not finished yet, but I have put up a series of videos that show part of the route for Athens to Atlanta. The video is from early March of 2004 and was taken as I drove the route on 2 separate days, with partial coverage on the day between these two. Much will have changed and this is part of the capturing of the history of this great event in its 25th running (counting the Outlaw and other times folk skated the route last year in homage to the days of old).

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