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Tour To Tanglewood .com

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Tour to Tanglewood Section of Roadskater.net

Hi and welcome! This is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might grow to love, the awesome 2-day Tour to Tanglewood skate and bike ride (skride) for Multiple Sclerosis. It shows links to photos, articles, maps and more from our roadskating and cycling team members who have participated in Tour to Tanglewood every year since 1999.

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How Was Your Tour to Tanglewood 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate for MS?

I was just wondering, for those who did the 2008 Tour to Tanglewood, how did it go? Tell us whatever you can while you can still remember it. Share stuff about...


United States
36° 4' 54.9516" N, 79° 58' 1.1892" W
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Multiple Sclerosis: Many Scars Damaging Nerves and How and Why You Can Help with Treatment and Research

The party's over. Part of it was canceled by the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna. We still skated and rode and had a great time!

However, while the Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis was delayed and shortened and is now over, for everyone with MS--and everyone who cares for them--the disease goes on.

So we need to keep going. Let's help them. Will you help me help them?


National Multiple Sclerosis Society NCC Chapter
2211 West Meadowview Road, Suite 30
Greensboro, North Carolina 27407
United States
Phone: 336-299-4136
Fax: 336-855-3039
36° 2' 50.1396" N, 79° 50' 25.0404" W
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Tour to Tanglewood 2008 Sunday Photos: Bike Ride Inline Skate for Multiple Sclerosis

Once the tropical storm/hurricane Hanna had passed on through during what would have been the Saturday morning ride to Tanglewood, the Roadskater.net Team had to decide whether to get in our cars and ride to Tanglewood or hit the roads and burn some calories. We decided to do 48.5 miles on our skates and bikes on a route of supersweet asphalt north of Greensboro.


United States
36° 4' 55.7256" N, 79° 58' 1.9668" W
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Bicycle Toy and Hobby Sales Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride 2008 Photos Speed Map and Topo Thumbnails

Bicycle Toy & Hobby Sales gaves us a great skate and ride last weekend, even considering some rough road (not the worst gatorback by far, but not as great as the rest) on the spur out to and around Abbotts Creek. We had nice skaters, 4 veterans of T2T and 5 who have yet to experience the glorious weekend...but most plan to.


Bicycles Toy and Hobby Sales
High Point, North Carolina
United States
35° 58' 52.9788" N, 80° 1' 19.0704" W
Horneytown Volunteer Fire Station BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 1
102 Horneytown Road
High Point
United States
36° 1' 5.6892" N, 80° 3' 36.6228" W
Abbotts Creek Missionary Baptist Church BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 2
2817 Abbotts Creek Church Road http://abbottscreek.org
High Point, North Carolina
United States
36° 0' 14.7636" N, 80° 5' 8.934" W
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Photos, Speed and Thumbnail Maps: Paul's Cycling & Fitness Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

Paul's Cycling & Fitness is hit or miss, I guess I'd say, over the years, when it comes to Tour to Tanglewood Training Rides. I have to say it has mostly been a good experience, but with some exceptions that make it hard to get out of bed and go there for the training ride. A few years back, the route was so disappointing we quit early and drove back to Greensboro Country Park to skate. Usually it has just been one or two signs that they don't see this as the same opportunity that some shops seem to.


Paul's Cycling & Fitness
United States
36° 4' 1.3476" N, 80° 15' 7.2216" W
Lake Tom-a-Lex Rest Stop
United States
35° 53' 20.4864" N, 80° 11' 29.3208" W
Old Thomasville Road, Old 109, Midway School Road
United States
35° 56' 28.14" N, 80° 8' 58.7076" W
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Paul's Bicycles Winston-Salem T2T Training Ride

Paul's Bicycles training ride began on a beautiful summer's day with temps in the low 80s and a moderately sized group starting the 25, 36, and 50 mile loops. There were 6 skaters, who in the end splintered into individuals or pairs. Each, guided by their partner or own internal drive. The course, in my opinion, was the most demanding in terms of road surfaces which at times were very rough with some great climbs thrown in for good measure. A solo downhill at 39.0 mph prompted a whoop as the thrill of the day.


United States
36° 4' 1.5528" N, 80° 15' 7.1064" W
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2008 Tour To Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Dates

The training rides for "Tour to Tanglewood" are about to begin in a couple of weeks. These rides are all well supported, generous rest-stops, sag wagons, and of course great people. It is a good way to hone your skating or biking skills depending on your particular preference, and you are supporting a great cause and helping people who can't skate/ride like we can. 

 Below is a list of upcoming rides from the National MS Societies web site listing the events. Mark you calenders and come out and meet some wonderful people in our community.


NCC Chapter Office National MS Society
United States
36° 2' 49.3692" N, 79° 50' 25.9944" W
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Tour to Tanglewood 2007 Bike Skate Photos

The 2007 Tour to Tanglewood was my ninth, all on skates, all including both days. The Roadskater.net team was 36 members, 18 on skates, from NC, GA, MI, NJ and NJ (born in USA, Canada, Netherlands and UK). We were missing a few regulars because of the North Shore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN and for other reasons. I hope you like the 420 photos that made it through editing!

The link for the photos is here:

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Recollections of Tour to Tanglewood 2007

Tour to Tanglewood was a blast this year. Full of friends, skating, tornadoes, sun, hills, cookies, purple, wind, missing luggage, canceled flights, and gloriously bad singing.

After the 6 Tour to Tanglewoods I have been fortunate enough to skate in, the whole gathering to me is starting to resemble a huge family of 1,500, and growing every year. Each part of the weekend brings its own joy:

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