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kjg's picture

Inspired by (but unable to afford) Eddy's netherlands tour I am going on the self guided tour of the 11 cities skate in Holland. I remember Eddy talking about the Elfenstedentoht ice skating tour which only happens when the canals freeze over (8 times in history) when I took his clinic and found this tour from skate around http://www.skate-a-round.com/default.asp?refer=Reis&ID=65&action=intro&c=NL 

My Mum is going to ride her bike and we choose the "Fitness" option to give ourselves some breathing room (you can always go for an extra skate once you get to your destination right?) So we are off to the Netherlands on July 23rd. I will let you know how we get on. In the mean time here is an article from the washington post written by someone who has done it already. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2004/03/21/AR2005041501879.html


roadskater's picture

skate-a-long yo!

i met some of those skate-a-long folk in manhattan for the lincoln tunnel-jersey shore-gwb-riverside drive skate (skate of the union?) back a long time ago. they gave me a t-shirt that i loved! i need to find that shirt and see if i can still wear it, ha! sounds like great fun. some of the guys came back over for philly. peter nikkl i think his name is. really nice guy! has a web too, and takes lots of viddy. i should look up the url. nice memory. please say hi to any who might recall roadskater.net blake.
kjg's picture

Ready to go!

I fly out to London tonight and then we leave for Holland tomorrow evening on the overnight ferry from Harwich. I will keep you posted on our progress - this should be fun! We are doing the fitness package 240km in 4 days of skating.
eebee's picture

Re: Ready to go

Have a great 4 days skating! Safe travels, too. I hope the North Sea at least gives you a cool breeze. I look forward to the Elfstedentocht fitness-skate report.

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