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Cool Ebay Ruby on Rails Lightbox Timewaster App

roadskater's picture

I was just playing around on eBay and looking at their recent attempts to do web 2.0 or whatever hypeword you like. It was pretty easy to make this...


...and it is really amazing how addictive it can be to vote on these things. Here's a simple url for the base page... http://ebaymatchups.com

seems like fun stuff and harmless enough, though some may get a little risque.

Lightbox is one of the technologies I've considered for photos here, but I may use a similar tool based on jQuery instead. Geeky stuff, and what I've spent HOURS doing instead of writing here! My bad!


eebee's picture

LvP: Ladybug vs Penguin

I picked the ladybug, but those Kösen penguins are so cute. As someone who tries to avoid acquiring 'useless' possessions, I actually caved in somewhere along the way and bought myself the yellow ladybug - ok well it is at least a small useless possession. Being fortunate enough to work for the US headquarters of this German manufacturer, I have been able satiate my coveting of these beautiful (hand-made) creations for free: by rescuing the limited edition Grizzly from his suffocating and degrading storage bin, and sitting him instead on my suffocating and degrading desk at work. This seems to be the cure for an impulse buy, brought about by "Aww, ain't 'e cute?' maternal-instinct-like silliness. It sort of progresses thus:

Week 1 - He's so cute/beautiful/cuddly/appealing to my inner child that needs to be nurtured in a serious way at times.

Week 2 - Oh look, there's that bear I put on my desk. Hmm, he's taking up space I need for meaningful office items.

Week 3 - Well that bear looks the same as he ever did. The human characteristics I projected onto him never materialized.

Week 4 - God, why did I ever want to buy a stuffed animal? He's going back in the bin!

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to either give or receive one of these as a gift, hint hint, Silke Teddy Bear "Hein", article # 90000.

As far as the Ebay Matchups go, Blake, I think the latest jargon for some of the 'risque' photos is NSFW (not safe for work!). I'd like to thank Britney Spears for teaching me that one. Yikes.

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