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Congrats A2A finishers!

dtg's picture

From my read of the weather reports, you guys must have had awesome weather!

One random/strange factiod - how did some of you manage the _exact_ number placement from last year.  I would think there would be a difference of at least a few places, but looks like Blake/Eilizabeth, as well as Sibert had the same number placement.  Kaplan, you were a bit off, but we always knew you were unique!  Hey, proof A2A results is rigged right?  lol  ;-)

Congrats to finishing, have a safe trip home!


GustavoAMH's picture

2009 Athens to Atlanta Road Skate - 89 Mile Finish Line

What a challenging and thrilling experience! Congratulations to you all. Gustavo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z68RtR-Hv6s
roadskater's picture

Oh and DK was strong

Yep also DK was strong and I tried to stay with him a little too long methinks, among many other things. He had some cramping but later than me, and at faster average speed. More later but the Roadskater.net people had a nice day of it overall.
roadskater's picture

Either Run Into by a Car or Kicked a Car

I think Skatey-Mark must've kicked that car for coming too close. However, had he done that on purpose I'm sure there would've been more damage to the car. As it stands, I believe the car clipped a buckle off. I was so self-absorbed I didn't even get the story straight from Mark, but I can't wait to read and hear about it. That's a close call, alright. Glad he's OK (so far at least!).
eebee's picture

Oops! Simulpost :-)

Thanks Dave! Woah! That's weird! I never even look at that overall placement number. Yeah the weather cleared Saturday and we saw the probability of precip diminish as the day wore on. It was pretty much perfect weather. I think though, that there were less participants, and it seemed like a lot of people I talked to ended up skating alone longer than they'd hoped (perhaps due to lower numbers). More later when I can unscramble my brain.
eebee's picture

3 x 66th place!

Wait...looks like this makes the third year in a row I've come in 66th place overall in the full distance. Freaky!
roadskater's picture

Perfect Weather is a Relative Thing

I could've used clouds all day and continued low temperatures, and a sleeveless jersey might've been a better choice by the end of the day. I have more analysis to come (justifications?). We finished, and safely, and had a nice meal afterward with stories from the road.
dtg's picture

Oh yeah - Sibert I hear you had a close encounter with a car

Glad you're ok!
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