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Christmas Shopping Comparable to 87 mile A2A Foot Pain!

eebee's picture

I just finished standing, ambling, milling and walking around various stores for the past 5 hours, Christmas shopping. I know, I know, I should've bought it all on line or in June or not at all. But my feet! Oh my poor aching feet! I swear after 4 hours they felt about the same level of pain and collapse as mile 50 on A2A. After 5 hours they were approaching the numb, sixty mile mark (well ok there was a time when I could've achieved 12mph :-). Trudging endlessly from one side of WalMart to the other had me wishing I could have done the whole thing on skates. I should have at least borrowed my son's Heelys for the occasion. I stood around in a wistful daze at about 10pm devising ways to do next year's Christmas shopping entirely on skates. This progressed into an even bigger day dream of skating to work, ditching cars and shoes altogether. I realized that probably the only way to pull that one off would be to move to Miami Beach or something. Anybody out there living in such a skate/cycle/pedestrian-friendly place that can comment (i.e. brag!) about that?  

Any skaters new to A2A or long-distance Roadskating: If you can endure hours of Christmas Shopping, you probably have the foot-pain tolerance part of it required to complete the full distance Athens-to-Atlanta ultramarathon roadskate.

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