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eebee's blog

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Headlines = Laughter Lines (Silly News)

Look, it's too cold to skate so I need hilarity when I can get it. Here are some headlines that conjure up some funny images, taken from Atlanta's 11alive.com "Dude, What?" section:

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Since when are Advertisers not Supposed to lie?

To continue my string of irrelevant posts, the news article about somebody suing Anna Nicole Smith and Trimspa for false and misleading advertising just cracks me up. This is so frivolous I hope Anna Nicole wins all the money herself.

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Another Reason to Wear a Helmet!

A day or two ago, a 50lb chunk of ice fell outta nowhere onto some poor Florida guy's red Mustang. The FAA are looking into the possibility of the ice having come off an aircraft above, having ruled out the chance of it being from a plane's lavatory as there was no bluish tint (ugh!).

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Santa and Skating to Work up Pleasant Hill

Yesterday Santa Claus came into the office where I work, to buy some German products. No kidding. A  man with silky long white hair and beard walked in, said he was Santa and that he'd ambled 2.5 miles from the Waffle House up on Pleasant Hill Road. And no, not in the snow. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask "What, no reindeer?".

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A2A & Ultramarathon Personal Psychology: Paceline or Go It Alone?

Sitting here safely in the inactivity of mid-winter, I've been pondering the subject of pacelines during A2A and other ultramarathon outdoor skate events. Since I never did the full 87 miles at a faster pace than 12.25 mph, my viewpoint is from the (s)lower range.

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Hyponatremia Rears its Ugly Head in Global News

If you haven't heard already, 28 year old Mother of 3, Jennifer Lea Strange, died of hyponatremia earlier this week a few hours after drinking nearly two gallons of water, in an attempt to win a Wii for her children. This was part of a morning radio show competition in Sacramento. Words fail me in describing this tragedy. The lengths radio shows will go to for ratings. 10 employees, including the radio show hosts, have been fired as a result.

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If you Resolved to get out of Debt this Year

Oh boy!! I found some refreshingly useful blogs and articles to add some fuel to my getting-out-of-debt fire (got a traveling skate habit to feed, here). I'm so excited about them, I'm going to reference them here, so others who are sick of those lame 10-ways-to-get-out-of-debt lists can refuel their optimism too: "skip the latte from the coffee shop and brew your own!" - Oy! You mediocre journalist, last time I was given a Starbucks gift card worth $10, I had to use it to buy food for goodness' sake: 2 wet slabs of lemon pound cake, an espresso brownie and a migraine spread out over 2 meals thank you very much.

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Christmas Shopping Comparable to 87 mile A2A Foot Pain!

I just finished standing, ambling, milling and walking around various stores for the past 5 hours, Christmas shopping. I know, I know, I should've bought it all on line or in June or not at all. But my feet! Oh my poor aching feet! I swear after 4 hours they felt about the same level of pain and collapse as mile 50 on A2A. After 5 hours they were approaching the numb, sixty mile mark (well ok there was a time when I could've achieved 12mph :-). Trudging endlessly from one side of WalMart to the other had me wishing I could have done the whole thing on skates. I should have at least borrowed my son's Heelys for the occasion. I stood around in a wistful daze at about 10pm devising ways to do next year's Christmas shopping entirely on skates. This progressed into an even bigger day dream of skating to work, ditching cars and shoes altogether. I realized that probably the only way to pull that one off would be to move to Miami Beach or something. Anybody out there living in such a skate/cycle/pedestrian-friendly place that can comment (i.e. brag!) about that?  

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Athens to Atlanta: Finding a Paceline that's "Just my Speed"

Most oft uttered statement to me by other skaters this year on T2T, T2T training rides, and A2A: "I was skating alone (and therefore bonked) because I couldn't find a paceline/other skater that was just my speed."

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The Phenomenal Athens-to-Atlanta Roadskate 2006

Once again I sorta had my head in the sand about training for A2A, and once again I got through it somehow, securing another 87 sense-defying Georgia hilly miles. What a blast! Ah I'm still on such a high 2 days later, and still having recurring delirium each time I doze off, that I'm out there stumbling endlessly along the A2A course, looking for the finish line.

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Kaffeeklatsch: Double Espresso in Khaki Shorts

Inspired by Tim's recent InlineCafé posting and the concluding sentiment "Money doesn't buy happiness. But happiness isn't everything.", I feel a strong urge to spill some cyberguts about that double-espresso shot in Khakis, Steve Irwin.

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Paul's Cycling and Fitness T2T Training Ride, Winston (raincheck!)

Blake and I will be taking part in the last T2T training ride of the year, this Saturday a.m. (9.2.06). Come out and join us!! The probability of precipitation is only 1% until 11am, even if this has been the year of 'show up even if it's raining right now!' (remember the Tour de Lions).

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Tribble Mill Park, Grayson, GA

Any skaters who find themselves amongst the lonely mansions and shiny metal boxes of Gwinnett County, GA, might want to check out Tribble Mill Park as a little piece of heaven plus hills.


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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Marathon Training

This post is partly for people out there on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) who want to find out more about getting sufficient and efficient carbs for marathon, or extremely long-distance training and events. This means no sugar, wheat, gluten, grains, corn, or potatoes. I put "marathon" in the title for the benefit of any SCD runners who might stumble across this. Obviously what I'm gearing up for, the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, is three and one third times marathon distance. A Google search didn't turn up anything useful for marathon training and SCD. So I thought I'd put my experience out there for anybody else searching.

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A Long Hilly Skate Without Gatorade

...Turned out not to be such a good thing for me.


This past Saturday I decided to do a dummy-run for Training Rides without Gatorade.


Just to explain why I feel like I have to go without Gatorade: I have put myself on a strict health diet to cure a particular ailment. So far, after a week it has been working. However, the bad news is that I am supposed to steer clear of any sugars (all the '-ose's), and artificial flavorings, as well as wheat, corn, rice and potatoes! Getting any carbs that stick to the ribs is challenging at best and not at all conducive to preparing for a long training skate. But I haven't given up trying to find a way, yet.

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