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7 Mile Inline Skating Loop Belvedere Golf Course, NC

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7 Mile Inline Skating Loop Belvedere Golf Course, NC


Belvedere Golf Course, Country Club & Marina Hampstead, North Carolina 28443
United States
34° 24' 21.7188" N, 77° 39' 39.9168" W


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Apologies for the delayed

Apologies for the delayed response. There is no set time and day where we meet to skate at Belvedere. Sometimes, every other day, sometimes once a week. I schedule the skating meetups via meetup.com. http://inlineskating.meetup.com/77/ It's a nice loop. I usually do 4 loops :) Gustavo
roadskater's picture

Is there a day and time you usually meet to skate Belvedere GC?

Sounds like a nice place and looks like it's not far from the surf, either! When do you guys usually meet to skate?
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