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2006 TTT recruiting challenge awards

skatey-mark's picture

Okay - the recruiting contest is over, and here are the final results:


- Katherine Gresens -- 3 recruits

- Jared Ingersoll -- 1 recruit  (or was it Rick?  One of them recruited the other...)

- Susan Neulist -- 1 recruit

- Don Druga -- 1 recruit

- Also, Blake recruited 3 people but excused himself from the contest, since it's his job as team captain to recruit people... 

Katherine received a copy of Barry Publow's "Speed on Skates".  Jared grabbed Barry Publow's SpeedCamp DVD.  Susan and Don are getting Eddy Matzger workshop DVDs.

I had hoped that there would be more recruiting, but that's still 6 more people (not including Blake's 3) that we wouldn't have had otherwise...  So we'll call it a success!  :)  I've got something a little different up my sleeve for next year, which I'll be announcing sometime in October.  It won't really be a contest like this, but there will be incentives for recruiting new people, as well as for TTT alumni to register for the 2007 Tour.  I'm pretty excited about it, so stay tuned!

- SM -

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